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About the Conference

This full-day conference welcomes over 1,000 attendees from across Canada to Edmonton to explore the opportunities in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The event highlights activity in the Industrial Heartland, offers policy-related insights on topics important to our industry, and provides information on opportunities for investment. Annually this event sells out and welcomes the premier of Alberta and other senior government representatives from all levels of government. Attendees comprise of a diverse audience of industry professionals, construction firms, associations, and other stakeholders.

About Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a globally-renown region located near Edmonton with $45 billion in capital investment… and growing. The companies support over 30,000 jobs by providing an array of products including fuels, fertilizers, power, petrochemicals and more to provincial and global consumers.

Why Attend?

  • Networking and Interviews
    • This event brings together industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders. Interviews with key figures in the region could lead to in-depth features or exclusive stories.
  • Economic significance
    • Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a major economic hub and industrial cluster in Canada, home to a wide range of industries, including petrochemicals, refining, and manufacturing. The annual conference showcases the region’s economic importance, investments, and projects, making it an attractive topic for business and financial media. The region’s industrial activities have a significant impact on employment in Alberta and the surrounding areas. Joins us to investigate job creation, workforce trends, and the potential implications for the labor market. ATB’s Chief Economist will provide a glance at the state of the economy in Alberta.
  • Industry developments and innovations
    • The conference will provide a platform for companies in the region to present their latest developments, technologies, and innovations. Representatives from Inter Pipeline, H2 Naturally, Pembina, and many more are advancing products in the AIH. Also hear from a senior executive at Dow regarding their $10 billion proposed Path2Zero facility.
  • Environmental and sustainability initiatives
    • Learn about how the Heartland is going green. We are hosting an energy diversity panel which will showcase three of our latest projects, including one that turns garbage into energy.

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